About Us

Story About Our Firm

MAH Advising PLLC, a leading law firm, is a pioneer in protecting your financial services firm from legal and regulatory risks. We assist our customers in providing effective and efficient services that grow their businesses while mitigating risk rather than eliminating it.

We provide exceptional service and compassionate support to clients of all sizes in New York, the United States, and worldwide. We can share new service innovations, transfer emerging best practices, and enhance the performance of the public services we manage thanks to our extensive cross-sector and global experience.

MAH Advising PLLC brings deep domain knowledge and proven processes backed by a team of professionals with decades of combined experience providing practical and effective solutions. We provide comprehensive representation to companies, investment advisers, broker-dealers, hedge funds, private equity firms, and other market participants in the areas of Formation, Business Transition, Regulatory Compliance, SEC Exams, and Corporate Counsel Support.

Our clients come to us knowing that we have the knowledge and experience to take service delivery to the next level. Our goal is to help you accomplish your objectives while reducing risk, not eliminating it. Regulators do, in fact, tend to make our lives more difficult, but our legal and complaint teams are here to defend you and help you reach your targets.

Our Philosophy

We understand how important our work is, and we take pride in doing it effectively. We value vigor and enthusiasm, competence, experience, and the capacity to make laborious tasks enjoyable. As individuals and members of a team, we each contribute.

Our Principle

We assist our customers in their legal matters and provide them with high-quality services that are frequently critical to the clients and their businesses, as well as help them grow their businesses while mitigating risk rather than eliminating it.

Key Of Success

We take the time necessary to fully comprehend the challenges and objectives of the clients from the outset of our relationship. We then customize our counsel and legal services to produce effective, personalized results.