Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers And Acquisitions (M&A)

The term mergers and acquisitions (M&A) refers to the consolidation of companies or their major business assets through financial transactions between companies. A company may purchase and absorb another company outright, merge with it to create a new company, acquire some or all of its major assets, make a tender offer for its stock, or stage a hostile takeover. All are M&A activities.

Whether you’re planning for mergers and acquisitions, succession, or entity formation, strategic planning should begin years in advance. The planning process allows the acquiring company to thoroughly complete due diligence on the target asset, while at the same time assuring that areas of potential risk are recognized and evaluated. Mergers and Acquisitions lawyers help you successfully navigate the significant changes that come with business consolidation.

Mergers and acquisitions involving privately held companies entail a number of key legal, business, human resources, intellectual property, and financial issues. To successfully navigate a sale of your company, it is helpful to understand the dynamics and issues that frequently arise. It can be rightly understood with a help of a business acquisition attorney that provides with merger and acquisition advisory services.

From Strategy To Implementation

With our in-depth analysis and individualized solutions, let the merger and acquisition consultant MAH Advising and their decades of experience in corporate financial law lead you through the following steps of mergers and acquisitions (M&A).

Roles Of A Merger Lawyer/ Acquisitions Lawyer Includes –

  • Identifying the material terms – has an NDA been signed? Is it necessary to have a letter of intent or a term sheet? Is there a convergence of ideas?
  • Deciding the terms of a purchase agreement, including look-back provisions and promissory note provisions
  • Counsel on issues related to business transition, such as vendor and employment arrangements

Mergers And Acquisitions Companies Shall Have A Succession Planning That Would Include

  • Choosing your succession plan – which path/method? Acquisition and merger? Successor? Selling your company?
  • Conducting proper due diligence
  • Finding the best retirement option and dealing with “what if” scenarios or untimely events

Mergers And Acquisitions Attorney Assist In Business Entity Formation Aspects –

  • Cost and expense estimation
  • Determining the best time frame and strategy
  • Developing an ownership and management structure
  • Creating and enforcing employment and independent contractor contracts
  • Establishing and safeguarding your intellectual property

For additional help or information related to Mergers and Acquisitions services, talk to the team here at MAH Advising PLLC. Our attorneys have very good experience in helping with the legal issues related to Mergers and Acquisitions.