Advertising Review Services

Ensure all advertising and marketing is reviewed effectively.

Staying up-to-date on advertising laws and regulations is a challenge for any company since most of the rules are vague and confusing. The cost of not meeting this challenge can result in hefty fines or a damaged reputation. With our advertising review service, we partner with you and your team to ensure that all your advertising and marketing is being reviewed effectively and efficiently.

The regulators are placing increased focus on marketing and performance information, including preparation, reporting, and footnoting. Our advertising review team has years of experience in all product areas including performance reporting. We will review all of your advertising and make recommendations for appropriate procedures and disclosures to make your marketing material align with all regulatory requirements.

We use technology to be “down the hall” from our clients. Our proprietary advertising review software, MAH Advising, allows us to review your material quickly and accurately with an automated workflow, full-submission tracking, search and reporting capabilities, and a robust audit trail and archiving. This helps maximize efficiency while reducing cost. With MAH Advising, you do not have to worry about submissions falling through the cracks; you have full transparency into your advertising submissions and review metrics.

Looking for software to help with your internal advertising regulations review?

Whether you are in need of a short-term or permanent solution, our team of experts can help you fulfill your regulatory requirements by reviewing your advertising for you. We can handle reviews for the following: