Registration Services

We work with you to build and implement a cost-effective solution.

Following and conforming to the rules and regulations of FINRA is not an easy job. It takes a lot of time, money, and expertise to fulfill the registration requirements set out by the authorities. Opting to be responsible for registration services as a broker-dealer can reduce efficiency. Besides, only registration services experts can ensure an uneventful completion of the process.

Keeping in view the pertinent challenges, MAH Advising offers broker-dealer registration services at the most cost-effective prices. For newer firms, policies are set in place and relevant amends are made to ensure a smooth registration process. If you have been in the industry for a while, registration renewal and following regulations will be the main tasks that MAH Advising’s registration services experts will undertake for you.

At MAH Advising, we believe in teamwork and tailor-made solutions. Our registration services officers will work closely with your firm and come up with remedies that specifically meet your needs

Enjoy major savings by doing away with the need of hiring personnel to handle registration services and other regulatory aspects for you as MAH Advising is an all-in-one solution. Our attorneys have been working in the financial industry for years and know exactly what FINRA expects from broker-dealer firms.

List of broker-dealer registration services:

Get in touch with your representatives to know about the broker-dealer registration services and get a quote for the options you wish to avail yourself.