Advertising Review

Avoid fines and protect your reputation.

For laymen and experts alike, decoding the laws and regulations governing advertisement in investment advising is a daunting task. However, implementation of these instructions is necessary to avoid any unwanted regulatory scrutiny that can inflict irreparable damage to the reputation of your investment advisory firm.

MAH Advising provides experienced legal counsel on investment adviser registration and regulatory law. We work closely with your firm to review and correct your advertisement policies. Any dubious and non-compliant marketing activity is noticed by our experienced consultants who put forward relevant solutions.

Given the ever-increasing number of investor advisors and firms, the SEC has concomitantly picked up the pace of reviewing the marketing and advertising policy to keep at bay malice and fraudulent activity. It now strictly monitors the branding and performance activities with special emphasis on preparation, reporting, and footnoting.

Instead of hiring separate personnel to ensure investment adviser regulations are met and another team for advertisement review, you can now avail an all-in-one package by choosing MAH Advising. Our in-house advertising review team has kept itself abreast with the changing SEC regulations and trends to hone their skills in all areas of advertisement review, including performance reporting. You can trust us to keenly monitor your performance and marketing data, both on-site and online. The main aim of our team of experts is to pick up any transgressing activity and data before it catches the eye of the SEC and to correct it for the future. We will also work in close companionship with the team of your firm to put in place an operational plan that will alter your advertisement and marketing policy to be coherent with the rules and regulations.

Irrespective of the period for which you require our advertisement review services, our team will skilfully introduce or change the advertisement policy of your firm such that you will never have to worry about the SEC stepping in.

Advertisement review services available

At MAH Advising, we stay up-to-date on changing regulations and offer services in the following:

MAH Advising Compliance Advertising Review Software

Staying one step ahead of our competitors and offering our customers the best advertisement review services, we have revolutionized our mode of operation by using smart software to scrutinize your marketing material.

A digital model of advertising review has enhanced efficiency and dramatically reduced inaccuracies otherwise faced when reviewing the material manually. It has also allowed us to maintain profound communication with our clients as this software lets us share real-time elaborate details of the review. Immediate reports are generated and archived, minimizing loss of data and monetary losses. The metrics are reliable and transparent, so you never have to worry about scrutiny.

Get in touch with our expert legal counsel at MAH Advising to get a quote for tailored advertising review services.